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How to add or get rid of Paragraph symbol from Microsoft Word or Outlook email programs


Sometimes the Word or Outlook from Microsoft Office suite, have all kind of tools that help you typing and correcting your texts. “Paragraph” symbol that looks like an upside down capital P (pilcrow – ¶), also called the paragraph mark, paragraph sign, paraph, alinea or blind P, can appear accidentally by typing some key combinations and we do not know how to get rid of it, espec...

How to make all letters uppercase or lowercase in Microsoft Word doc or docx files


For those not initiated into the computers world or those who are starting to learn how to use a computer, the basics are to learn how to write a text in document . In you want for example to write a text and suddenly you realize you had to write all text with uppercase letter not lowercase it is a simple command to transform all text . In this case with a simple key combination you can change the...

Microsoft Outlook – Can’t create file Right-click the folder you want to create the file in


Today we will talk about a problem that often occurs to certain users of Microsoft Outlook email program, part of Microsoft Office suite. If you have encountered an error like “Can not create file Right-click the folder you created the file in Want To …” you need to follow a few simple steps . Solving is relatively simple, close Outlook at the beginning . First you need to go to ...

How can you get rid of snoring

Snoring gets worse with age and can create problems in a relationship . Snoring considered by some a mere problem of time, it is best not to be ignored. It is a disease that gets worse with age. Studies have shown that about 45% of adults snore occasionally and 25% face every night with this problem. Usually, snoring is met more often in males and overweight people. Do not sleep on your back! Try ...

Signaling for help SOS if you are lost or in danger

If you plan to go camping or hiking in a remote area, or you are not familiar with the area, signaling for help or SOS is a skill you should know or practice before you leave you home . The best thing for you is to have a cellular phone or a whistle, because your sim card can be traced and with a whistle you can be heard easily by others, but if you don’t have this tools with you will have t...

How to reduce PDF file size and transform into word doc or docx files


Perhaps many of you received a pdf file from someone who was enormously and could not be use it or send it on via email because it was exceeded the allowed limit. Therefore we offer some variants of decreasing (reduce) of the size of PDF files through different software applications or online. The easiest way is to use a dedicated software like Adobe Acrobat, which did cost a lot. With it you can ...

Reduce Microsoft Office Word files (doc or docx) that contains images (compress)


We bring up to your attention a small tutorial about how you can reduce Microsoft Office Word files (doc or docx) that contains images . Usually if you insert images in this kind of documents without resize the images you will save a very large file, and if you want to send them to email it can take long time depending of your internet connection, or cannot be send because of your email size limit...

Delete uncategorized category in WordPress


WordPress is one of the best open source website software on the market . After you install your wordpress website you will notice that all of your posts are automatically added to “uncategorized” category. And above all these things, you cannot delete this category, even after you will create another category and the question is how can I delete the “uncategorized” category ? There are a lot of p...

Change link types in WordPress – Permalinks


WordPress is a great open source website software whether you want blog, presentation website or even a ecommerce business platform. Being a free platform, WordPress is easily to manipulate the code to do various changes, still is best for you to install updates regularly for keeping you safe from hackers attacks, still this won’t keep you 100% safe, nothing will . There are a lot of plugins...

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