Higher State Run Tights Review


Higher State Run Tights Review




Size fit








Odour Control


Muscle support



  • Good breathability
  • Fits ok
  • Lightweight Material
  • Reflective Components
  • Zipped pocket
  • ECO-Friendly Construction


  • Zippers come open
  • Anti-odour technology not good
  • Normal price to high

Run Hard, Run Long Run they say, with Higher State Run Tights ! If you want a healthy lifestyle you need to exercise, running is easiest way to do it, and for this you need a minimum equipment .

Running Tights are meant to be constructed for breathability, moisture management, keep you cool and dry .

The tight fit is good for compression, which will enhance your performance in training, competition and recovery because of the enhanced circulation and reducing the build up lactic acid.

The regular price of these Higher State Run Tights for men is £27.99, but in a sale you can get it at £8. At this price you can get only a few cheap tights like Kalenji . Of course these tights are not dedicated compression tights but it can do the job .

The packaging comes in a transparent plastic bag.

There are some reflective components a reflective logo on the right foot and on the back on both calfs that should keep you safe and seen in low light conditions.

It has also a rear zipped pocket ideal for securely storing personal items, media devices or nutritional gels.

There are also zippers on both legs that help dressing and undressing .

The materials should wick sweat away and offers breathability .

We started to test the Higher State Run Tights in December, in an afternoon with snow and around 0 Celsius degrees .

I bought an M size which matched well on me and on my waist (did not need to use the lacing system), but was a little long for my legs, anyway at this price I wouldn’t expect to fit perfectly .

You can easily get on, the zippers works nice and the tight fit seams to keep the muscles in place .

What I have noticed after a few runs was that sometimes the zippers come open in the workout time.

I feel the muscles very well after my 10k runs.

The materials are not so “Anti-odour technology keeps the garment and its wearer feeling fresh”, it is smelling pretty ugly after the run, but probably is about the smell of sweat of every person .

The Higher State Run Tights wick sweat away, but it is not very fast drying . The breathability is ok .

So final thoughts are that The Higher State Run Tights are a great choice for runners who don’t want to spend a lot of money on their running equipment, but they also want some features like a
rear zipped pocket, zippers on both legs and reflective components .

You can get it from Amazon at $14 or from SportsShoes.com at £8 .

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