GoPro HERO5 4K camera review


GoPro HERO5 4K camera


Photo Quality


Video Quality


Audio Quality




Battery life



  • Photo Quality
  • Video Quality
  • Audio Quality
  • Waterproof
  • GPS


  • Old domes not working
  • Raw available on a few options
  • Expensive

Today we review the GoPro HERO5 4K camera, GoPro being an outdoor legend regarding capturing stunning moments in motion (Mo-cap for short) .

For the $400 that was the camera we expect quality in durability .

So the reasons we chose GoPro HERO5 were the 4K video and 12MP photos (can record RAW), waterproof capability (waterproof housing cost $50), can preview and playback recordings on the 2-Inch touch display, GPS Location Tagging and a simple press and record button on the top !

After a few days of use with all accessories and mounting options that make it easy to wear in day to day activities, we were very nice surprised ! I only took a short time to find out how to use it and how to mount .

First impressions are that the video Quality is outstanding, the use interface is easy to learn, it has voice control (nice), it has nice audio quality and it is stereo recording.

Photo quality is amazing and with GPS Location Tagging I like to see on exif info the exact GPS location ! Stabilization works and the timelaps option is great !

I like the battery life which is very good, between 1.5 to 3 hours of live recording (2h tested by us) !

I have a 64Gb card (we had a cheap card first so we had to replace with higher speed one because of freezing problems) but it can support up to a 128Gb memory card so you can record a lot of data . You can use any software to cut and edit your recordings !

There is the option to use the Cloud solution, pair (connect) to my smartphone and what is nice is that you can use your old gopro camera accessories !

Unfortunately the old domes for half underwater photos will no longer work with this camera because they have an old GoPro housing .

The touchscreen is great but it has some lag and it is eating the battery life fast !

Bottom line is that after we used this camera we can recommend it to anyone who need an outdoor day to day image tracker, if you the money for it !

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