LG F2J5WN4W slim Front-Loading Washer Washing mashine review

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LG F2J5WN4W slim Front-Loading Washer Washing mashine


Washing quality








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  • Slim
  • Inverter motor
  • Quiet


  • Price

I purchased the LG F2J5WN4W Front-Loading washing mashine a few months ago for washing family of three laundry . Due to reduced space a needed a slim washer so the Dimensions (D x H x W) 45 x 85 x 60 cm of the LG F2J5WN4W were good for me and the A+++ energy label was the choice .

It was an easy install, just connected the water supply hose, connected the drain hose and remove the transport screws from the tank. For a slim washer it was quite heavy arond 60 kg so it takes so muscle o get in to the right spot .

You need to read the manual first, because some programs need some attention. For example the 30 minutes program it will wash your laundry good only if you are using a small amont of clothes .

The mix and the 30 minute programs I use them the most often .

The direct drive motor is silent enough and on spin speed (rpm) of 800 or 1000 the washer is not moving in place if properly mounted at the same level and wheel lock bolts are tight .

Is has a delay time function, but be carreful not to used it with liquid detergent .

The load balancing system and the automatic water amount selection are nice to have because the washing time is calculated according to the weight of the clothes and less water is consumed .

You can select the water temperature and the rotation of each program .

Overall I am very pleased with the LG F2J5WN4W slim Front-Loading Washer .

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