Mpow Flame Bluetooth Headphones review (Sport Bluetooth Earphones MPBH088AB In-Depth Review)

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Mpow Flame Bluetooth Headphones


Sound quality









  • Sound quality
  • Enough features
  • Good battery life
  • Quick pairing
  • Stable bluetooth connection


  • Short USB charging cable
  • Not adjustable size

Mpow Flame Bluetooth Headphones (or Sport Bluetooth Earphones MPBH088AB like on the box) are wireless earphones that uses bluetooth technology so you can listen to your music from your phone or over device that has bluetooth without connecting the headphones with a direct wire to the device . Mpow is manufacturer specialized in consumer electronics and accessories .

When you see the Mpow Sport Bluetooth Earphones for the first time you will notice that the case provided is very nice for keeping in place earphones and micro usb charging cable .

After the first complete charge I was very pleased to hear how good sound quality, bass and treble those earphones has. The noise cancellation also works !

Like a small music player, a previous, next song and volum buttons are nice to have when you are on the run !

The bluetooth connection is very good, you can leave your phone even at 50 feet at open ground and the connection is still solid and the pairing with Iphone and Samsung is pretty quick .

Battery life is between 5.30 hrs to 8.30 hrs, depending of volume, temperature, distance to the phone .

The headphones announces you when power is on, power is off of you have low battery .

It took between 1.5 to 2 hrs to fully charge the battery .

You can answer to your calls from the headphones (like a hands-free device) and you will hear a notice like “incomming call from …”

The ear hooks are not adjustable, there are three earbuds sizes provided . Of course for trail running for example you will need to readjust the hooks because it will not stay fully fixed on your ears .

For charging you need to have a USB 5V power source like computer USB port, USB phone charger . A small Micro USB cable is provided. Be carreful when you charge it not to insert the cable wrong way .

The manufacturer claims that has a IPX7 water resistant profile, for a few time runs I can tell you that the sweat does not affect the earphones . Probably even an easy rain it will not affect it .

Overall for less than $30, the Mpow Sport Bluetooth Earphones is a bargain and probably in the near future we will see an improvement in the quality and price of these kind of products .

You can the find all the Mpow products on Amazon here .

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