Black Diamond Storm Head Lamp review

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Black Diamond Storm Head Lamp






Quality of materials





  • Very bright
  • Switch between brightness
  • Nice features
  • Waterprof


  • Single button for all modes
  • A bit heavy

I purchased this Black Diamond Storm Head Lamp specifically to use for when I camp in the mountains.

It is nice to buy it because it has a fully waterproof construction, it has a 160 lumens light, a precise beam for after-dark route-finding and a proximity, strobe, dimming and red night vision modes to accommodate any lighting needs.

It also has a lock mode to keep the light from accidentally turning on when stored in your pack or pocket.

Black Diamond Storm Head Lamp features a Power Tap technology that allows fast and simple transitioning between full and dimmed power in distance or proximity modes .

It has a low profile design that uses four AAA batteries and three-level power meter shows battery life which is great for many situations . With 4 AAA batteries, Black Diamond Storm Head Lamp seems a bit heavy, but nothing to really worry about, probably for running is no good .

I found the main light to be bright, brighter than my old Petzl head lamp I own (still works).

The second set of white lights that are more subdued and the red lights provide just enough light to see the trail in good conditions.

You can do a flashing mode with all lights and the brightness for each set of lights can be set with any degree of granularity and it includes a Power Tap feature where you can switch between the current brightness setting and full brightness by simply touching the side of the unit.

Sometimes it may be tricky to control all features with one button, but after you learn how to do it is simple .

Overall this is a nice head lamp for mountaineering, hiking or for home use, better than all cheap ebay stuff out there .

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