ORAL-B Vitality 100 Cross Action Rotating-oscillating toothbrush review

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ORAL-B Vitality 100 Cross Action













  • Good grip
  • Profile is nice
  • Timer
  • Cheap


  • Ni-MH battery

Oral-B is a oral hygiene product manufacturer, especialy known for electric toothbrushes and ORAL-B Vitality 100 Cross Action is one of those .

ORAL-B Vitality 100 Cross Action Rotating-oscillating toothbrush it has a built-in battery, unfortunately it is a NiMH battery and to fully charge it you need to leave it over night in a charging cradle !

The good thing is cheap, it has a modern look, nice grip and a built in 30 second timer that will give you three time vibration and at four time will give you a long vibration anouncing you that 2 minutes had passed .

The ORAL-B Vitality 100 NiMH battery that lasts between 5 to 10 days on a full charge, depending of how long you are using it and how many times per day (like if you are are using in the morning and at night you are using normal toothbrush) and I will recommend you taht you a have a replacement toothbrush because the battery could die at any time and there is no indicator for power, only a slowing motor .

It comes Black or White rubber grip (you can see it in the attachment image) and 1 brush head in the box that is good and it lasts a long period of time (interchangeable brush heads can be bought separetly) . It is not heavy, but you need to keep it firmly in your hand and you also need to keep you mounth closed at every 30 seconds because the right-left rotation it is changing and you can splash easily your bathroom things .

The noise is acceptable and the profile is slim, if it had more speeds and a Lithim battery probably it was perfect for $20 !

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