Matador 195/65 R15 MP92 Sibir Snow winter tyres

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Matador 195/65 R15 MP92 Sibir Snow winter tyrer













  • Very good price
  • Nice design
  • Low noise


  • Traction better on others
  • Fuel consumption class F

Matador 195/65 R15 MP92 Sibir Snow it is a winter tyre specially designed for winter operation of vehicles of middle, upper middle and luxury class.

We bought for our car the Matador 195/65 R15 MP92 Sibir Snow 91T and the manufacturer claims to offer excellent grip, handling and braking in winter conditions .

You can find a wide range of sizes from 15′ to 18′ and speed categories ‘T’, „H“, ‘V’ (190 kmph, 210 kmph, 240 kmph). So we bought the 190 kmh version on 15′ for our Skoda Octavia Tour Break.

First of all the price was very good, for about 40 euros at sale you cannot find to many winter tyres .

The design was with Zig-zag „Z“ system and cross grooves and grip edges, not with that “V” design seen on some winter tyres, manufacturer says that snow is better captured in tread pattern and better interlocking with snow .

So on wet or dry asphalt is not very much noise in the car, neither on the snow or mud, it is in normal limits .

The braking on wet and dry surface is good enough if you respect the speed limits and there in no ice on the road .

Traction on snow seems weaker as my Goodyear ultra grip tyres, but you can break through the snow if you know how to handle your car in winter conditions .

It has fuel consumption class F and grip class C .

Overall the driving comfort is good the price range and it is a nice choice for middle-class cars or any other type .

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