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Remescar Spider Veins Cream is a medical device intended to help in the healing and the prevention of spider veins.

Spider veins aka telangiectasias are blood vessels that appear at the surface of the skin and are red, blue, or purple and are commonly found on the face and legs. They are called Spider Veins because looks like a spiderweb.

There probably are a lot of medical devices out there that will tell you that it will heal or prevent spider veins.

My wife saw a commercial that clinical study demonstrated an instant decrease in redness after application for a significant number of patient she tried Remescar Spider Veins Cream ($41 at Amazaon) .

For a three month time she used daily (twice a day) Remescar Spider Veins Cream .

Of course she did not expect in an instant healing of the spider veins .

After three month period, after we took pictures every month, we did not see any improvement of the back leg spider veins and of course she did not use the Remescar Spider Veins Cream anymore .

Maybe on some number of patients the Remescar Spider Veins Cream works (manufacturer says an independent clinical study demonstrated that works), but on her legs was absolutely worthless .

So if you want to try this cream it remains at your discretion .

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