DM Baby Love diapers – nappies review

Mother and child

DM baby love diapers - nappies


Overall Quality




Velcro fastening







  • Good absorbency
  • It fits well
  • Low price
  • Nice materials


  • Velcro fastening could be better

Today we will talk about DM’s own brand Baby Love diapers – nappies made in Germany .

We use now number 3, so it is Midi size (there are from 0 to 5, new born to maxi) and fits from 4-9 kg babies from the manufacturer’s specifications .

Our baby uses number 3 DM diapers from 5 kg (11 lbs) and now at 7 kg (15.5 lbs) it fits well and the number 4 are too big for using right now .

The are two options the orange one (that we are using it) and a green one .

The quality of the materials is nice, the is no funny smell like at other manufacturers and you can simply smell is your baby did something in it.

The velcro fastening system is good, not as good as the more expensive ones, but there are more things to care about like babies dry skin and irritations and this nappies are great !

The drawings are ok, some colored pets .

In the absorption test directly on our baby, the diaper behaved very good and the skin was always dry (did change the diaper 6-7 times a day) .

What we liked most is that is that the babies skin is dry, no irritations and there is no strange smells .

Every child is different, so sometimes you need to try multiple brand until you will find the one right for you baby. The DM Baby Love diapers are good for our baby, very cheap and you can find it in most European big cities where are DM stores (dm-drogerie markt) .

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