Marsupi Baby Carrier compact front and hip review

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Marsupi Compact Front and Hip Baby




Quality of materials


Closure system


Price Europe


Price US



  • Orthopedically correct fit
  • Cheap in Europe
  • Simplistic design
  • Easy to clean
  • Velcro closure system


  • High price in US

Marsupi compact front and hip baby carrier is an ergonomically correct carrier for babies.

It is meant to be an easy way for those who want to take their child into the carrier at any time quickly and easily .

We used (more than one baby carrier) the S/M size because our baby was small (but a friend of mine with a bigger baby bought same size) and Chocolate Brown color and we paid around $60 (£50) on it . In the US I have seen it is more expensive up to $175, probably due to shipping cost from Germany or so .

The main reasons that we chose this one are
– cheap
– simplistic design
– easy to use after you learn how to use it
– light and compact abdominal and hip carrier
– optimal weight distribution
orthopedically correct fit (ergonomic baby carrier design)
– ideal for newborns (has an integrated head support) up to 1 year old or the manufacturer claims that you can use it up to 15kg.

What we seen is that it’s secure, it has a velcro closure system makes carrying quick and accessible, fully adjustable and safely fastened .

It is made from 100% organic cotton !

Your baby should always adopts the anatomically correct ‘frog’ position for correct development of baby’s hips !

The two main straps crossing behind your back will ensure you that you will not get tired quickly, also allows you to carry much of the weight on your hips.

Size of the Marsupi Baby Carrier are :

Choose your baby carrier according to your build (not your baby’s) !
Size S / M = waist circumference 65-90cm & height less than 180cm.
Size L = waist circumference 65-100cm & height taller than 175cm.
Size XL = waist circumference 80-115cm & height taller than 175cm.

So a compact baby carrier, especially if you live in Europe where you can get it at $60, Marsupi Compact Front and Hip Baby is a great choice (We will write other reviews about other baby carriers we’ve used) .

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