Pampers Active Baby-Dry 3 Midi (4-9 kg) nappies or diapers review

Mother and child

Pampers Active Baby-Dry 3 Midi (4-9 kg) nappies or diapers review


Overall Quality




Velcro fastening







  • Nice velcro fastening system
  • Good absorbency
  • It fits well
  • Nice design


  • Always wet
  • Price to high
  • Chemical smelly

Today we will talk about Pampers Active Baby-Dry diapers .

We tried number 3, that is Midi size and fits from 4-9 kg babies from the manufacturer’s specifications .

If you I buy a Giant Pack you will get a better price and because you need a lot, this packs are a great choice not only for the money, but also for the time spent in the supermarket .

First of all the price of the Pampers Active Baby-Dry 3 Midi is somewhere after the mid prices of the baby nappies (there are more Pampers choices not only Active Baby), neither too cheap nor too expensive (around $20 for 90 pack) .

The quality of the materials seams to be nice.

The velcro fastening system is quite good, better than others.

The drawings are nice, it has drawn some points and some colored pets .

Sadly the smell of the product it is not too nice, smells like chemicals, stronger than other brands .

In the absorption test directly on our baby, the diaper behaved ok, no to different than other brands.

What we like is that the velcro fastening secure the diaper on the babies little belly .

What we don’t like is that is that the babies skin is always wet, and that happens also with other expensive diapers from Pampers, not only Active Baby-Dry .

So probably this sweating or wet problem varies from baby to baby, you’ll find a lot of comments online that the quality of Pampers has diminished in time, that it is not superior to other brands, but best for you is to try multiple brands to see which is fits you baby needs .

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