Black Diamond Serac Clip Crampon review


Black Diamond Serac Clip Crampon











  • Lightweight
  • Stainless steel
  • 12 (G12) points
  • Classic strap in front is very secure
  • Snow pads


  • Securing strap is too long
  • High price

If you have in mind to climb or to go on winter trail it is best to have with you a pair of crampons.

Black Diamond Serac Clip semiautomatic Crampons are a good choice for beginners or advanced mountaineers .

We bought Black Diamond Serac Clip Crampons with 125 US dollars and we started using it in fall’s first icy trail and in winter’s frozen ice and rocks .

The crampons behaved very well in most cases and we did not have any issues .

Made from lightweight,stainless steel and have 12 (G12) points that will grip the terrain below in almost all conditions .

The hybrid system with a toe strap (classic) in front is very secure and does not allow the boot to move.

Anti snow pads on the bottom are effective even in soft snow conditions . Strap is too long .

You can adjust the size the crampons to fit your size .

Black Diamond Serac Clip Crampon has bigger style front down points and 1.2 .oz per pair heavy because of the rear points that have some added width witch will help you walking down hill on ice .

So if you have a boot with semiautomatic system for crampons and you don’t need a full automatic crampon this a good choice, but you can find cheaper ones on other manufacturers .

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