Using PHP 8 and phpmailer 6.2 (phpmailer script not sending email anymore)

Today I’ve istalled on a server Windows Server 2019 a new version of Xampp with PHP version 8 and after a few tests I’ve noticed that mails are not sending anymore from my php scripts. After some research I found that phpmailer older versions like 5.2.14 that I am using from a long time ago is not compatible anymore with PHP8 . I have changed the script with the latest phpmailer 6.2 ve...

How to change your sending name in email Yahoo Mail


If you are using Yahoo Email system or another you may notice that in some cases the email senders are shown as a nick name or the email address . If you want to have a custom text to be shown at “From” column you need to follow some basic steps to change you email settings . 1.Sign in to Yahoo Mail. 2.Mouse over the Settings menu icon. | select Settings. 3.Click Accounts. 4.Click on t...

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