Create contact form fields or survey form and insert data into MySQL database using PHP


In you want to make a contact form or you want to make a survey and data to be sent to a MySQL database using PHP, you need to follow some basic steps . First you need to have support for PHP (Apache web server) and a MySQL database (PHPMyAdmin best for managing). For local use you can download Xampp and for web usage Cpanel is the easiest way to do it . After you have support for PHP and database...

XAMPP How to Install Apache Service on Windows operating system tutorial


If you have a server running Apache and PHP with XAMPP, or you simply have installed a web server on your PC and you want to start Apache automatically as service in Windows you need to do the following steps : 1. First step to install Apache service, run XAMPP Control Panel as Administrator, then click the Apache service button located on the left side of Apache components, click next and “Click ...

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