How To Replace Content in WordPress database using phpMyAdmin and SQL


WordPress it is widely used because is a free software. There are a lot of tweaks and one of these is to replace content in your wp database without using plugins . So do to replace content in your WordPress database you have to login to your server and go phpMyAdmin . After logging into phpMyAdmin, go to Run SQL interface and type the following UPDATE wp_posts SET post_content = REPLACE ( post_co...

Automatically WordPress updates not working or require user and password


If you have a wordpress website on shared hosting data center and you are facing problems with automatically updating your site, probably is about the read/write permissions . So first you need to be sure that you have write permissions on the server . If you are not you need to do some stuff in wp-config.php file . So you need to add : define(‘FS_CHMOD_DIR’, (0755 & ~ umask())); ...

How to change permissions of WordPress files on the server


Today we are gonna talk about some problems regarding the read/write permissions on a wordpress website. For example if you have a website hosted on a server with an old DSO handler (mod_php) wich work on apache on nobody(99) username there is no way that files to be owned by another owner/group than apache itself . So if your host will not change to SU or other handler, you need to do some stuff ...

Delete uncategorized category in WordPress


WordPress is one of the best open source website software on the market . After you install your wordpress website you will notice that all of your posts are automatically added to “uncategorized” category. And above all these things, you cannot delete this category, even after you will create another category and the question is how can I delete the “uncategorized” category ? There are a lot of p...

Change link types in WordPress – Permalinks


WordPress is a great open source website software whether you want blog, presentation website or even a ecommerce business platform. Being a free platform, WordPress is easily to manipulate the code to do various changes, still is best for you to install updates regularly for keeping you safe from hackers attacks, still this won’t keep you 100% safe, nothing will . There are a lot of plugins...

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