ADD “USB Selective Suspend” under Wireless Adapter Settings in Power Options using Command Prompt

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1. Open Windows 10 Search panel, and type Command Prompt. From the search result, right click on Command Prompt and select Run as Administrator. This will launch the Elevated Command Prompt.

If You want to ADD “USB Selective Suspend” (Remember: This is the default settings)

powercfg -attributes 2a737441-1930-4402-8d77-b2bebba308a3 48e6b7a6-50f5-4782-a5d4-53bb8f07e226 -ATTRIB_HIDE

If you want to REMOVE “USB Selective Suspend”

powercfg -attributes 2a737441-1930-4402-8d77-b2bebba308a3 48e6b7a6-50f5-4782-a5d4-53bb8f07e226 +ATTRIB_HIDE

Control Panel\Hardware and Sound\Power Options

How To Find USB Selective Suspend Settings In Power Options?

1. Open Windows Search panel, and type Control panel. Select Control Panel and open it. Now, in the location field, copy and paste the following to navigate to the Power Options.

Control Panel\Hardware and Sound\Power Options

2. Next, click on Change plan settings.
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3. As the Edit Plan Settings window opens, click on Change Advanced Power Settings.
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4. As the Power Options open, find out USB Settings. Click on the + sign to the left side of USB Settings to open the drop down menu. Under this, you can find USB Selective Suspend. Expand it, to check if it is enabled or not

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