Igo 8 an Igo Primo files and folders structure – a “how to” tutorial


Using a GPS device with Igo 8 an Igo Primo software it’s easy. But if you want to update maps, POI’s and other file can be tricky if you don’t know exactly where to put all the files .

So the file structure is :

ui_android – for android
ux – for android

The most important remains the content folder, which has remained largely unchanged since the first version of iGo.

\ Content \ building:
* .3DL – 3D renderings of some important buildings
* .3DC – Contours of the items on the map
* _petrol.3DL – 3D Images of some petrol stations

!! The files are optional, I recommend not to use 3DL files on devices with less memory or small screen.

\ Content \ cars:
– With skins files “car / pedestrian”.
Default is Arrow.

\ Content \ dem:
* .DEM – Contains information about altitude / contours that allow a 3D rendering of the route.

!!! These are optional and consume more memory.

\ Content \ global_cfg
– File contains global_cfg.zip with general information about countries.
– It is best to keep this file updated to the latest version

\ Content \ histspeed
* .HSP – Files that CONTAIN historical information about traffic on certain routes in certain period

\ Content \ lang
– Zip files contain language interface program (eg Lang_Russian.zip)

\ Content \ map
It’s probably the most important folder that contains maps and other files

* .HNR – Files containing pre calculated route (Fast, Short, Economical and Easy), to be used for, it is necessary that all maps (FBL) to be present!
* .FDA – Road signs
* .FTR – Information Truck information for truck drivers
* .FPA – Information for points of interest that are not on the main road.
* .FBL – A country map
* .FSP – File that contains information about legal maximum speed of travel.
* FDS – dangerous curves, curves warnings / hazardous areas

\ Content \ phoneme
* .PH – Speaks street names of elements of pronunciation for some language – speak street names

\ Content \ poi
* .POI – Files with points of interest (gas stations, hotels, ATMs, pharmacies, hospitals, tourist attractions, parking)

\ Content \ raster
for those who want to use satellite images.

\ Content \ scheme
– Files that allow the use of different color schemes interface if you do not like the default.

\ Content \ skin
– Files that change program interface

\ Content \ speedcam
* .txt, * .SPC – Files containing the location of fixed speed cameras.
To use SPC files need a special license.

\ Content \ TMC
– Licenses for the use of technology in various countries TMC (where available)

\ Content \ userdata

\ Content \ voice
– Zip files containing voices navigation

\ license
– * .lyc Contains files with licenses that allow different features of the program.
– If you’ll get a “Out of memory” error it may be possible to have some hidden files in this directory

\ Data.zip – file that contains the main interface elements. Some items contain only certain resolutions.

\ Branding.zip – various icons

\ Sys.txt – a configuration file very important!
– In this file you can set various options of the application.

Content files for iGO Family Primo Folders structure

Files from Softpedia .

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