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WordPress is a great open source website software whether you want blog, presentation website or even a ecommerce business platform.

Being a free platform, WordPress is easily to manipulate the code to do various changes, still is best for you to install updates regularly for keeping you safe from hackers attacks, still this won’t keep you 100% safe, nothing will .

There are a lot of plugins and themes that you can do almost anything, but it is best for you to used as little as possible plugins for your wordpress website, especially for speed page loading and for reliability of your website .

When you first install your WP website you may want to change the link structure of you website, because the standard structure is kind of ugly “” . Above all the default link structure is not very SEO friendly .

For a better understanding of link structure of a wordpress website you need to follow the link “” witch will give you an idea of how the links can be structured .

If you want your pages to show like this “” and “” you need to go to “” page from you admin panel, select Custom Structure, and paste “/%category%/%postname%/” in the field after (without quotes), save changes and your done !

Of course the best help website remain and you can find there almost all you need “” .

Good luck !

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