Encrypt or decrypt contents to secure data in Windows folders and files


Today we will talk about how to secure data in Windows operating systems without using a third party software .

Sometimes you may have data, in a Windows operating system, which you may need to encrypt or decrypt to keep it secure for many reasons . An encrypted folder it has green color .

Microsoft Windows 7, 8, 10 lets you encrypt folder data easily and it has included this functionality by default.

So if you need to encrypt or decrypt content inside a folder, just right click over the folder and click on Properties.

When Properties window will open, click Advanced and the Advanced Attributes window will open.

You will see on option “Encrypt contents to secure data” , you may check this option to encrypt and the process will start.

Same process to decrypt data !

If you have “Encrypt contents to secure data option” disabled this is the problem that came around a system running Windows 8 and 10, then try the steps below to fix your system problem. Microsoft claims that this fix works for all Windows Vista and later.

First you need to have administrator rights on the system .

1. Press Windows Key + R combination or press “Start button” and in search type Run, in the Run dialog box type put regedit and hit Enter key or ok to open the Registry Editor.
2. In the left pane of Registry Editor window you need to navigate to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\FileSystem
3. Search for the NtfsDisableEncryption named registry DWORD (REG_DWORD), double click on the same DWORD to modify, since you’re facing the issue, you’ll find that this DWORD data set to 1 .
4. Change the Value data to 0. Click OK. You may now close the Registry Editor and reboot to get fixed.

So if you need a simple way to encrypt or decrypt data in Windows, this a simple way !

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