Prevent Windows 10 updates from installing (Pause/Stop Windows Updates in Windows 10 )


Sometimes for different reasons you may want not to install automatic updates provided by Microsoft so you can prevent (pause) Windows Updates from being installed for up to 35 days in Windows 10 .

To pause Windows Updates in Windows 10 for up to 35 days you need to do modify some settings following the steps below :

1. Logon into Windows with an administrative user name privileges

2. Click Start, Settings (search in Cortana or press WinKey + I shortcut)

3. Click on Update & security.

4. On this window select Windows Update, and click Advanced options under the Update settings.

5. Click on Turn on the Pause updates switch.

In you pause Windows Updates in Windows 10 the Windows Defender definition updates are not affected by this setting.

If you turn off the Pause updates setting, updates are resumed, and the system checks for updates .

There is also a Defer feature updates setting available in some Microsoft Windows 10 editions that lets you pause major, feature upgrades for several months .

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