Reset your Android phone or tablet to factory default settings


If you feel that your phone or tablet running Android operating system is no longer faster enough for you or simply it no longer works correctly most likely you need to bring the device to its initial state !

In this tutorial you may learn how to reset your Android phone or tablet to factory default settings.

The first method is the safest and easiest to use.
Usually to reset your Android device to factory settings you need to go at Settings > Back up and Reset > Factory data reset .
The procedure may vary depending on operating system version that is equipped your tablet or phone, but this refers to the most common currently existing versions .
With this method you will lose absolutely all that you have stored in the phone memory, movies, music, pictures, applications, games, etc. Yet you have the option to make a backup and restore it later.

The second method is a little more complicated and requires some knowledge, but it is very useful if the device does not enter the operating system because of changes or settings that you made.
It may need to enter in the recovery menu or CWM .
But entering this menu may vary slightly depending on the model: Volume Up + Home + Power button, Volume UP + Power, Power + Volume –, or Home + Back .
Once you have entered the recovery menu, select using buttons or sensitive ones wipe/factory reset, then select reboot system now yes.
Some tablets are equipped with a small hole where you can insert a toothpick to reset .
After that you will have a fresh install.

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