Candy CS4 H7A1DE-S slim tumble dryer review

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Candy CS4 H7A1DE-S slim tumble dryer


Drying quality


Drying time







  • Fast drying
  • Small price
  • Slim
  • NFC


  • Cheap materials
  • Noisy

Sold only in certain parts of the world, the Candy CS4 H7A1DE-S slim tumble dryer is one of the few slim tumble dryers that can be found on the market. Because of the lack of space, slim washing machines are popular among people looking for a small in depth appliance.

So if you want to use in a small in depth space or put your tumble dryer over a slim washing machine you need a slim tumble dryer. That was my case because I am using a slim washer .

Bought at around $500 at sale, the Candy CS4 H7A1DE-S slim tumble dryer has Heat Pump technology, energy efficiency class A+ (Annual Energy Consumption in kWh of 269), condensation efficiency class B and most important a depth of 465 mm. It has a 38 kg weight so it’s weigh less that a standard washimg mashine !

The drum material is galvanized, so it’s not stainless stell. It has a sensor dry so it will feel when your clothes are dry so the time may shorten than the start time .

It has NFC technology so you can use your smartphone for drying programs .

The water container position is on the door, so it’s easy to is easy to empty, the dryer lint container (trap) it’s easy to clean. I saw the water container on the door that some water drops trapped somewhere and cannot come out to dry perfectly, so may be a factory issue. I have also seen that the material used are cheap, but good enough for me .

The dryer works very fine, the mix program started and shows ove two hours untill end, but after one hour my laundry is dry ! If your laundry is not dry enought you can try a 30 minutes short program .

There is a small amount of heat release near the dryer, only when you open the door you will feel heat comming from inside .

The machine has many drying programs, but only for a few you can dry a full capacity of 7 kg at once .

Sometimes the dryer cutoff time, sometimes add time to the program .

Candy CS4 H7A1DE-S is a little noisy and you can feel a funny smell from time to time .

Overall I am very happy with Candy CS4 H7A1DE-S slim tumble dryer !

Below is a youtube video shared by someone where you can see how is performing .

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